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Extensive Tudor History Site
History / Tudors / Hits: 1,833

UK Safari
Geography / Care of our environment / Hits: 1,859

Paper Florence Nightingale
History / Florence Nightingale / Hits: 1,874

Roman Villa Reconstruction
History / Romans / Hits: 1,918

Massive Online Museum
History / Ancient Egyptians / Hits: 1,890

Circle Fact Calculator
Mathematics / 2D shape / Hits: 1,835

Derbyshire Well Dressing Traditions
History / Local History / Hits: 1,822

Amesbury Archer - Bronze Age Grave
History / Archaeology / Hits: 2,033

Virtual Art Gallery
Art and Design / Teacher support websites - Art / Hits: 1,779

Whale Spotting Guide
Science / Life - Adaptation and Habitat / Hits: 1,782


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Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot…
History / Events and people we remember / Hits: 1,767

Use of Full Stops
English / Sentence - Capital Letters Full Stops / Hits: 2,265

Comparing Birmingham and Harborne…
Geography / Our local area / Hits: 1,788

Great Exhibition 1851 eyewitness…
History / Victorians / Hits: 1,853

Colour in the cat with kittens
Foundation Stage / Animals / Hits: 1,782

Buddhist stories for primary chil…
Religious Education / Buddhism / Hits: 1,833

Oceans Alive
English / Text - Non-chronological report / Hits: 1,952

Images of people on the move
Art and Design / People in action in Art / Hits: 1,807

Find the Antonym quiz
English / Word - Homophones, Homonyms, Antonyms and Synonyms / Hits: 1,791

Sound activities
Science / Physics - Light and Sound / Hits: 1,801

Free Teaching Resources from TopicBox

TopicBox is a free resource for all primary teachers. We have maintained more than 2,000 links directly to free online resources for 9 years and we’re adding more all the time. Our most popular subject (by far) is Mathematics which in turn contains our most popular topic: Multiplication. (It’s always been that way.)

We love feedback from primary teachers like you so do take a moment to tell us how you use TopicBox in the classroom and perhaps any improvements you can think of! If you’re on Twitter perhaps you’d like to follow us.


There have been 4,025,275 visits from TopicBox since the beginning.
There are currently 2,128 links to free teaching resources.

Subject Topics Links Hits Average hits per link
English 46 261 484,727 1,857
Maths 37 589 1,170,686 1,988
Science 23 275 516,630 1,879

August 2015

Our apologies for recent problems visiting external sites... everything’s working again. Many thanks to those who took the time to let us know!

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